Learning English is essential for scientists, not only for fostering global communication and collaboration in research, but also for the effective dissemination of knowledge. Mastery of English provides access to a broad spectrum of scientific literature and resources, which are predominantly available in English, thus enabling scientists to contribute to and benefit from the global scientific community. 'Science at Risk' and the Regional English Language Office/U.S. Embassy, Ukraine, launched an intensive course for Ukrainian scientists to improve their English language proficiency. Our focus is to improve your speaking level so you can present confidently at conferences and engage effectively with your international colleagues. Our goal is to elevate your speaking skills from a B1 to a B2 level. It is FREE to participate!
Триденний ознайомчий англомовний Курс про досвід сучасної російсько-української війни на базі Національного університету оборони України днями організували для представників аташату країн, акредитованих в нашій державі, учасників Київської асоціації військових аташе (КАВА). Участь представників дипломатичного корпусу у Курсі є вагомим чинником задля посилення регіональної безпеки. Колективний аналіз та координаційна робота допоможуть краще зрозуміти спільні виклики та спільні можливості для розбудови безпечного євроатлантичного простору, в якому Україна є і буде сильним партнером.
The 51th NATO Conference of Commandants (CoC) is started on 17 MAY 2022 by the German Führungsakademie in Hamburg. The Commandants will address “Resilience within Education” as the overarching topic.The priority areas for improving the educational process identified during the conference, in the tradition of annual cooperation between our educational institutions, will be implemented in the educational activities of the university.
The next issue of the NATO Integrity Program (VI) Bulletin № 13, winter 2022, has been published. The publication covers events organized by NATO's Integrity Program together with Colombia, Georgia, Jordan, the Republic of Moldova, Peru, Tunisia and Ukraine since the end of 2021.
The forty-sixth day of the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to a russian military invasion continues.
There were at least a thousand people, and Donetsk residents were being evacuated to safer regions of Ukraine. Dozens of dead. More than a hundred people were injured. There were children among them...
On February 17, ten more servicemen from military units and command organizations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine completed a three-day workshop for language training instructors at the Department of Foreign Languages, received the relevant certificates and departed for their duty stations.
On February 7, 2022, the Elective Course on ADL technologies implementation in the Armed Forces of Ukraine was launched at the National Defence University of Ukraine named after Ivan Cherniakhovskyi to meet the requirements of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the field of transformation of sergeants’ individual training
From February 7 to February 9, 2022 within the framework of the “Modern Information Environment” module, the military students of L-3 Joint Operations Staff Officers Training Course of the National Defence University of Ukraine named after Ivan Cherniakhovskyi mastered the basic principles of civil-military cooperation in NATO and in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
The graduation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine servicemen who were trained in the foreign language courses at the retraining and improving qualification centre, was held at the University.
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