The Course on the Organization and Use of Distance Learning Technologies in the Armed Forces of Ukraine was completed


From March 25 to May 17, 2019, at Scientific Distance Learning Center of the National Defense University of Ukraine named after Ivan Chernyakhovskyi more than 80 students have participated in the advanced training course on the organization and use of distance learning technologies in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

For the first time this course was conducted fully on-line, which allowed to reduce financial costs. Students of the course were able to develop their own distance learning course in practice, which will be used in educational process.

The main objectives of this course were to develop skills of using distance learning technologies in the educational process, distance learning courses creation with the use of Moodle platform tools, the management and the quality control of the distance learning process.

Also, within the framework of the training program, students were offered to pass two distance learning courses provided by our Norwegian partners: "Will it work online?" and "Yes, it does work online". Students were acquainted with the basics of pedagogy and didactics of distance learning and practical tips and advices on web-based teaching.

Graduates of the course got the relevant certificates.