Classes on modern means of warfare simulation and ADL were held at the University


As a part of the basic module of the operational level master's program, the classes on the basis of using the ADL platform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and means of the simulation were held at the university. The purpose of the module is to develop the necessary competencies for officers to use modern information technology to manage units in the operation.

The officers of the Simulation Center conduct classes on the modern means of combat operations simulation using as example a joint simulator of conflict and tactical situations JCATS (Joint Conflict and Tactical Simulation).

The obtained theoretical knowledge is practically applied by using the JCATS simulation tool in real-time.

The officers were informed on the purpose, structure, and capabilities of the ADL platform, as well as the specifics of supporting the educational process at the university using ADL technologies.

Special attention was paid to the acquisition of reporting and survey tools, the evaluation and feedback procedures through the ADL platform.