The faculty development course has started in the framework of the NATO DEEP – Ukraine Cooperation program


The faculty development course (phase 3) has started at the National Defence University of Ukraine named after Ivan Chernyakhovskyi in the framework of the NATO DEEP – Ukraine Cooperation program. The event is part of the Cooperation Plan for 2019 and is the third in the context of improving the pedagogical skills of the university's teaching staff to successfully implement the transformation of the NDU educational programs, primarily to train leaders at the strategic and operational levels, as well as developing the defence management school courses.

It should be noted that the course program was developed by the course participants themselves, and the participants have their colleagues in the profession as students. Those educators are from all the departments and institutes of the University, as well as several representatives of other universities.  In this way, the training process of the teaching staff is significantly intensified, enabling a rapid transition to a new paradigm of the educational process organization in accordance with the best experiences of the NATO member countries leading military educational institutions.

It is planned at the National University of Defence of Ukraine to involve in the qualification enhancing of the entire faculty and to further actively integrate the experience of the Alliance's specialists into the educational process.