The functioning of the powerful electronic library is the necessary attribute of the modern educational institution


The electronic library plays an extremely important role in organizing the university's educational process in a distance form.

Nowadays, the e-library of the National Defence University of Ukraine named after Ivan Chernyakhovskyi (NDU) is not only a set of complementary electronic resources for creating, searching and using the information, but also a powerful and, in some cases, a unique tool that provides access to the latest and most up-to-date scientific-educational and methodological publications for all the educational process participants, regardless of the place and time.

Currently, the e-library contains more than 2 500 editions of specialized educational and scientific publications, most of which have been developed and published by NDU research personnel.

Built on the web-based technologies, it allows the organization of electronic publications storage, search, sorting and filtering the publications.

The library is accessible from any place and device, 24/7. The only requirements are a stable Internet connection and the registration on the ADL platform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Collaboration and exchange of experience with the NATO DEEP ADL Portal is ongoing.

It is worth noting that the electronic library of the University is available for all the higher educational institutions of the state security sector, as well as the governing bodies and units of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Due to its importance, the work on the development and improvement of the electronic library is continuing.  In particular, a project of cooperation with the Center for the Operational Standards of Ukraine on the possibility of integrating the standards into the electronic library is currently underway.

In the future, the possibility of creating a global electronic library of the Armed Forces of Ukraine based on the electronic library of the NDU with the distributed categories for moderation by the various higher military education institutions and other interested actors of the security and defence sector structures is being considered.