Command and staff training was conducted using distance learning technologies


Despite some difficulties in adapting the educational process, the using of distance learning platform Moodle allows to implement different ways of interaction between teachers and students, as well as testing of non-traditional approaches to the preparation and training in the university.

Within the space of a few days, a set of command and staff training on offensive and defensive topics was conducted with students of the tactical level command and staff course (L-2).

Their main feature was to use distance learning platform to ensure the teamwork of dispersed officers (in quarantine conditions) and to involve in the planning two-level "management headquarters" whose representatives worked at a considerable distance.

During  the command and staff training sessions, the battalion management officers took part in a series of briefings that presented conclusions from the assessment of the situation; proposals of battalion management officers; reports concerning the choice of appropriate options for actions of mechanized, armoured, artillery, reconnaissance, engineer-and-sapper units, air defense units of the Land Forces.

Big Blue Button Web Conferencing System component was widely used by academic staff to provide effective command and staff training, that gave the possibility to create comfortable conditions for officers to communicate using video and audio.

During the work of the battalion management officers, the teachers of the Department of Land Forces, acting in the "positions" of the commander and chief of brigade staff, took an active part.

The preparation and command and staff trainings gave the possibility to develop perspective approaches to the educational process organization in extramural form of study, to accumulate and develop experience of using the latest information technologies in the process of training of all students’ categories.

The next phase of training will be a game of combat operations using the JCATS simulation system, which will make more profound the practice of integrated use of the distance learning and simulation systems in the educational process of University.