“LOGFAS” system users training course


2-5, September 2019 on the base of Operational Support and Logistics Institute of the National Defence University of Ukraine named after Ivan Cherniakhovskyi officers of logistics are taking part in the LOGFAS User Training Course.

The first keynote was made by colonel Daniel Zlatnik, Director of the Multinational Coordination Center for Logistics, and colonel Oleksandr Matsko, Head of the Operational Support and Logistics Institute.

Representatives of the MultinationalLogisticsCoordinationCenter and the Logistics and Standardization Advisers of the NATO Office are taking part in the training of logistics officers.

The great attention of this course will be paid to familiarizing and studying the planning procedures for logistical support of troops (forces) using the logistical reporting principles of the “LOGREP” module of the “LOGFAS” software.

Studying the procedures of logistical support planning with using information technologies will enable practically using the “LOGFAS” software during logistical and personnel training.