On the training in IFV BMP-1 shooting with the second year students of the military training department


The event took place on the shooting range of the 169 Training Center "Desna" with the reserve officers trainees,acquiring the specialty "Combat use of mechanized units", of the Department of Military Training of the National Defence University named after Ivan Chernyakhovskyi.

The 33-rd training grounds of the 169 TC is the best modern educational and training facility for conducting classes with students of the 2nd year of study (final course), namely: preparation for firing from IFV BMP-1;  cleaning and reloading of the IFV BMP-1 weapons.

The future officers were involved in the preparation of the shooting range for IFV firing training sites. Students have mastered the special aspects of the target field preparation in accordance with the demands of the exercise to be performed.

The educational and training goals of the practical training have been achieved. Future mechanized platoon commanders have acquired the skills in preparing shooting range and firing from the IFV BMP-1.

The students have acquired appropriate psychological training to meet the combat training standards requirements.