US mentors of Joint Special Operations University train Ukrainian service members in information capabilities


This week, the Central Officers’ House of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has become a venue for the information capabilities seminar given by the mentors of the Joint Special Operations University (Florida, the USA). The course is supported by the Special Operations Forces Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This practical event has brought together the representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine working with information and psychological operations, public affairs, and information warfare, and faculty of the National Defence University of Ukraine.

During interactive lectures the participants learn the information environment (IE), information related capabilities (IRC), are able to describe military information support operation (MISO) process, explain fundamentals of countering adversary information activities and resistance to adversary propaganda. Mentors pay attention to active involvement and participation of the students during these sessions.

These events contribute to experience exchange, study of new mentoring methods during similar training program in line with the NATO principles and standards, which could be successfully implemented by the Kyiv National defence University faculty into educational activities.