On February 17, ten more servicemen from military units and command organizations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine completed a three-day workshop for language training instructors at the Department of Foreign Languages, received the relevant certificates and departed for their duty stations.

According to the officers and NCOs who attended the workshop, the knowledge and methodological materials that they have received will allow them to achieve better results in helping their fellow servicemen learn English. According to the relevant decision of the Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine, a new subject – "The English Language" – was introduced in the system of professional (individual) training of servicemen last January. It is taught by language training instructors – the servicemen who are fluent in English and have undergone special training at military educational institutions. This step must ensure continuity in the study of English by Ukrainian military personnel, as well as the opportunity for them to maintain their English language proficiency levels, especially those who have already undergone language training at intensive course in Ukraine or abroad, constantly improve their practical skills with the help of the instructors.

The English language proficiency of Ukrainian military personnel is considered today as an essential precondition for faster progress in implementation of NATO standards in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as ensuring even more effective cooperation between the Ukrainian Armed Forces and NATO and Partner nations’ units in joint military activities, such as exercises, training, peacekeeping and other tasks.

This will allow the Armed Forces to constantly increase their English language acquisition.