The results of the postgraduate course in logistics are summarized

For four weeks, the university conducted a training course for the professional level development of the logistics military management bodies officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The training course was organized in three stages, following the example of logistics specialists training in the armed forces of the Republic of Poland.  The first stage is the theoretical preparation, with the participation of the Alliance's representatives: Advisor to the NATO Delegation to Ukraine for logistics Colonel Zbigniew Lenarczyk (Poland), Colonel Jan Husak (Czech Republic) and Head of the Logistics Department of the Military Technical Academy of the Republic of Poland Simon Mitkov.

The second stage is an overview of the defenсe-industrial complex of Ukraine, the organization of work of civilian logistics in Ukraine on the example of the largest distributor of spare parts for commercial vehicles in Ukraine, and the organization of budget planning and logistics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Scientific-pedagogical personnel of the Institute of Troops (Forces) Support and Information Technologies, Deputy Director for Logistics of the company Avtodistribyushin KARGO PARTS Volodymyr Orel and the representatives of the Main Department of Logistics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine under the leadership of the Main Logistics Directorate of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Colonel Oleksandr Kirilenko took part in the event.

During the third and final phase, the participants practically worked out their own variants of the logistical support plan for the operational forces group in the operation.  Subsequently, the representatives of each group had the opportunity to submit for consideration their own version of the plan, both to Ukrainian and foreign logistics specialists, in order to determine its correspondence to the specific tasks.

At the end of the training, the students of the course were issued the certificates and the graduation ceremeny was held.

In his closing speech, the Deputy Commandant of the University for Academic Affairs, Major-General Serhii Salkutsan thanked foreign partners and everyone present for productive and constructive cooperation, and also emphasized that these courses will continue to promote the professional development of the logistics officers in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

At the same time, Colonel Oleksandr Matsko, Head of the Institute of the Troops (Forces) Support and Information Technologies, drew attention of the attendees to the fact that these courses on this subject for the specialists in logistics will be further developed. He expressed hope for fruitful cooperation with representatives of the Alliance for Logistics Specialists Training for the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the future.