Peculiarities of the Educational Process in the University


Anti-epidemic measures implementation in the Country has made significant adjustments to the University's educational process, that caused the wide using of distance learning technologies.

The capabilities of the Distance Learning System’s Platform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the basis for the educational process organization.

With the help of the Platform learners remotely familiarize with courses’ materials, complete assignments, and send it to teachers who have a wide variety of tools to organize their educational process using distance learning technologies.

Educational materials are presented in the form of various types of information resources (text, video, animation, presentation, e-lesson, e-guide, etc.). There are capabilities for conducting tests.

Electronic library also remains as an important source of the information in the University, where all the necessary educational publications are proposed and provides online access to electronic publications.

Webinars are the main way of teaching in synchronous mode, that provides a variety of opportunities, including multiway communication through audio and video; moderator’s screen demonstration; text chat for participants; the ability to save broadcast records; adding comments; creating surveys, web tours with interactive learning features etc.

The feedback from participants allows maintaining the intensity of the educational process. Chats, topic forums, polls, electronic reports, audio, video, and email are used to achieve that.

The Distance Learning System’s Platform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is the result of international activity of the University and productive cooperation with partners from the USA, Norway, Denmark and Poland.

The partners provide advisory and financial assistance. In particular, the distance learning classroom was created, technical equipment was purchased to start the Platform, training distance learning center’s staff of the University was conducted and multimedia courses were developed with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Defence.

NATO DEEP-Ukraine program supports the development of the distance learning. It provides training for the academic and the distance learning center staff of the University, facilitates the implementation of the latest educational technologies in the process of military personnel training in the University.

September 2019 the University joined the Global Partnership Network of the ADL Initiative (the USA), and actively cooperates with the Jefferson Institute (the USA) partner organization.

The University plans to continue the development of distance learning as a basis for the development of the military education system of Ukraine.