Practicalexercisesusingthe JCATS combatsimulationtool with students of the military training department


In accordance with the curriculum of the reserve officersmilitary training department practical exercises using the JCATS combat simulation tool were conducted at the SimulationCenter. Students studying under program of the officers reserve trainingtook part in theseexercises.  During theexercises students have improved the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of tactical training and combatservice support.

The peculiar feature of the event is the fact, that the training group includes the combat operations in the East of Ukraineparticipants, who have experience in conducting military operations in the ATO. Today, they all have higher education and wish to continue serving in the Armed Forces of Ukraine on officer positions. With practical skills in accomplishment combat missions during the ATO, students made decisions as acompany commanders and mechanized and tank platoonleaders and issuedcombat tasks to the subordinates, managing units in the simulation environment.

Exercises with students of the military training department at the training base of simulation center are conducted on a regular basis and finishes with the practical training using the JCATS combat simulation tool, which provides an opportunity to improve the knowledge of students on the issues of battle organization and provide them with practical skills as a company commanders and platoons leaders.