A course on logistics planning wasconducted at the Institute of troops (forces) support and information technologies


From November 25 to December 22, 2021, in the Institute of Troops (Forces) and Information Technologies of the National Defence University of Ukraine Ivan Chernyakhovskyi an online refresher course on logistics planningis conducted using an ADL platform.

Colonel Oleksander Matsko, Chief of the Institute for Troops (Forces) Support and Information Technologies, and Colonel Ihor Vlasov, Head of the Department of Logistics, made an introductory speech.

The course was focused on the organization of logistics planning, taking into account the experience of the Joint Forces operation and the use of the standards adopted in the armed forces of NATO member countries.

The practical classes on the planning of logistics support included an appropriate scenario, which allows students to develop skills in organizing the planning of troops (forces) logistics support.

The knowlege of the procedures for the logistics of troops (forces) planning will improve the skills of the military authorities logistics specialists.