The visit of the State Military Management Institute students to the Great Britain


From 18 to 23 of March, students of the State Military Management Institute of the National Defense University named after Ivan Cherniakhovskyi are on a working visit to the Armed Forces of the Great Britain.

On the first day guests from Ukraine visited the Permanent Joint Headquarters (PJHQ), where they became acquainted with the work, as well as with operations planned and coordinated by the Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM).

Тhe students of the University become acquainted with the prospects of cooperation between the United Kingdom and Ukraine, the Оperation ORBITAL and other operations of the British Armed Forces, as well as defense programs, and the main regulations and procedures for strategic communications.

The proposed topics have found a keen interest in the audience, which were reflected in discussions and questions. The Ukrainian side appreciates the sincerity and openness of foreign colleagues and actuality of questions that were discussed.

The visit to the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom is planned within the framework of the trip, as well as the visit to the Joint Rapid Reaction Force (JRRF) and the Royal Navy bases. The program is also ripe with cultural activities.