UK experts provide online training for Ukrainian senior military leaders


On July 23-24, in Kyiv the DefenceAcademy of the United Kingdom experts give online training under “Strategic Leadership Program”. It is aimed at improving leadership skills and providing current managerial and analysis tools.

Chief of Education Branch of the NDUU Educational and Research Strategic Communications Centre participates in the mentioned event.

During two days of lectures and syndicate work the participants learn theoretical and personal aspects of leadership, strategy development and implementation, consider importance of strategic context analysis and its tools, form their own model of leadership, define leader’s essential attributes, etc.

A strategic leader is not just a person who leads and commands; he or she should understand potential threats and opportunities and know how to define the model of the future using different analysis tools.

It is worth mentioning that this course is an obligatory one for senior military officials and civil servants in the UK state institutions and armed forces. The UK experts mentioned that the UK service members learn leadership and conflict solving aspects at all levels of military education and training.

The participation in this event will surely contribute to more effective education of military leaders through introduction of new teaching methods and approaches in curricula.