The “Multinational Staff Officer Course"


The “Multinational Staff Officer Course” is underway at the Education and Research Center for International Peacekeeping of the National Defence University of Ukraine named after Ivan Cherniakhovskyi, which is designed to study NATO operational planning process, to prepare staff officers to participate in international peacekeeping and peace support operations, and in multinational command post and live exercises.

The peculiarities of this course are as follows.

There is a multinational composition of participants of the course, where, alongside with 17 officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, two officers from the California Army National Guard of the United States,  two officers from Italian Armed Forces are trained; one of the instructors of the course is a representative of the armed forces of the Kingdom of Denmark; few officers from the Great Britain and Denmark who are currently carrying out tasks in the Orbital Training Mission in Ukraine have also participated in some of the exercises.

Operational planning, command and control are being practiced for a wide range of operations, including defence, counter-offence and stability operations, based on using the JCATS computer simulation system.

Simultaneously,  the officers  of the course together with their instructors constitute and act as the remote headquarters of the 2nd Multinational Brigade for the duration the multinational exercise “Rapid Trident - 2019”, which is currently underway at the Yavoriv range.

The new course format adds to the complexity and reality of the training, places new demands on the training of both trainees and instructors, while enhancing the quality of course training and the implementation of NATO standards in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.