The staff celebrated the Day of the National Defence University of Ukraine


These June days, our famous university celebrates another date.  The funds, which house the modern National Defence University of Ukraine, date back to the early twentieth century.

During the years of existence, thousands of officers were trained in these walls, full of the spirit of patriotism and love for their homeland.

And today it is the graduates of the National University of Defence of Ukraine who lead the combat units that defend the freedom and independence of our state and resist the Russian aggressor in the East of our country.

Behind this are tireless, dedicated work and vast experience of many generations of educators and scientists with invaluable knowledge.

It is significant that this year, on the Day of the National University of Defence of Ukraine, June 18, the next graduation of almost 700 students of operational-tactical and operational-strategic levels took place.  And on June 19, the first in the history of the NDU 10 lieutenants, military specialists of the tactical level, have graduated from the educational and scientific institute of physical culture, sports and health technologies.