Foreign language learning continues with learners of all categories in the distance format


Scientific and academic staff of the Foreign Languages Department at the Foreign Languages Training and Research Center have been actively using the elements of distance (electronic) learning for all categories of students and in all directions of educational activity.

In fact, multimedia enables almost all sensory organs to be combined: printed text, graphics, moving video, statical images, creating "virtual reality" of true communication. All these elements play an important role in solving linguistic and communicative tasks, helping to diversify the perception of information, thus improving its assimilation.

Today, the issue of remote language learning is solved with the modern synchronous tools (Big Blue Button, ZOOM, ICQ, SKYPE, interactive whiteboards, videoconferences) and asynchronous communication (e-mail, blogs, forums, video and audio podcasts, online) testing) that are being improved every day to enhance the interactivity of the foreign language mastering process.

Our team continues to train students. Continuity of the educational process is ensured by the use of the distance learning platform of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and modern methods and training methodologies .