Training course in military logistics with the participation of foreign specialists has started


From 27 January to 22 February the NATO Delegation to Ukraine is conducting a training and qualification course on the training of military management bodies personnel Armed Forces Logistics Of Ukraine with the participation of representatives of the Military Technical Academy of the Republic of Poland and advisers on logistics and standardization of the NATO Liaison Office.

The Chief of Logistics Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Lieutenant General Ivan Gavrilyuk made the introductory speech and congratulated the participants of the course on its beginning and stressed the importance and necessity of studying the processes of NATO logistics planning.

The Deputy Commandant of the University for Educational Affairs, Major-General Serhii Salkutsan also addressed the attendees and stressed the relevance and timeliness of the course.

The training of logistics officers is supervised by representatives of the Alliance, the Main Logistics Department of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and scientific and pedagogical personnel of the Institute for the Troops (Forces) Support and Information Technologies of the University.

During the course, the participants will focus on learning the basics of NATO logistics organization and planning.

For the first time trainees will be practically working out a plan of the joint forces logistics support plan troops in joint operations of the NATO. It should be noted that the scenario was developed and proposed by our Alliance partners.