Another 9 Trainees Completed an English Training Course for In-Service Training Instructors of Military Units


On February 3, the Foreign Languages Education and Research Centre of the National Defence University of Ukraine named after Ivan Cherniakhovskyi hosted the graduation ceremony of another group of trainees who had completed a training course for part-time language training instructors of military units and management bodies of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The program of this three-day course involved studying the basics of organization and methods of teaching English to military audiences. This time, the graduates of the course were nine servicemen, who will shortly commence teaching English to their colleagues in their units. As decided by Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, designated military personnel of the Armed Forces, except conscripts, have now possibility to start studying English, now being a subject of their individual training, under the guidance of language training instructors – directly at their duty stations.

Academic stafffrom the University's Foreign Languages Education and Research Cenre have developed and provided instructors with a standard English language-training program, access to a distance learning course (ELPIC) and a set of teaching materials for use by English language learning groups in-service.

The purpose of this kind of training is to gradually spread the sufficient knowledge and practical communication skills in English to most Ukrainian military personnel, which is one of preconditions for achieving interoperability with NATO and Partner nations’ military units. The plans envisage that the courses for language training instructors will continue working, to meet the relevant needs of the Armed Forces.