The training of the foreign language courses students has been completed


The graduation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine servicemen who were trained in the foreign language courses at the retraining and improving qualification centre, was held at the University.

The language training of officers and employees of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which was carried out by the scientific and pedagogical staff of the Foreign Languages Education and Research Centre, lasted for four months. During this time, students had the opportunity to improve their English language skills in order to further participate in the activities of international military cooperation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO, participation in international peacekeeping operations, in the multinational military administration, and to effectively develop cooperation with the armed forces of partner countries.

- The end of the course is just the beginning of a long and rather difficult path of learning a foreign language. After all, a foreign language, in particular English, is NATO's number one standard, and every officer in the modern Ukrainian army must be fluent in it. Moreover, learning English radically changes our mentality, helping us to look at the challenges of the Ukraine's path to NATO. So, do not stop there, develop for the benefit of yourself and the state! - Major General Serhiy Salkutsan, Deputy Commandant of the University for Academic Affairs, addressed the graduates of foreign language courses.

The system of training on language courses is based on foreign approaches, which are better adapted to the present day and focused on the trainee contingent.

It's also worth noting that, deepening strategic partnership of Ukraine with NATO,  active role of Ukrainian military units in peacekeeping, search and resque operations, multinational training and other events of international cooperation, which leads to an increased role of language training in the general system of personnel training.

The final testing was held in agreement with standardized language levels according to NATO STANAG 6001 and all students received certificates of language proficiency levels.

The high level of university’s academic staff training and the motivation of the officials allowed to gain new knowledge and significantly increase the level of English language skills.

The graduates were congratulated on the successful completion of the courses by the university leadership, the leadership of the retraining and improving qualification center, the foreign language education and research center and the scientific and pedagogical staff who taught at the courses.