The Course “Military Leadership” was held in the Command and Staff Institute



On March 26-28, 2019, the course “Military Leadership” was held by academic staff of the social sciences department of the university with students of the Command and Staff Institute.

The aim of this event was to deepen understanding of leadership as a main factor of modern military leader professionalization and to unveil its developing potential.

The issues of determining leadership role in solving problems of military practice, ethics, leadership and missions of commanders caused lively discussion.

Major David Ross, officer of DEAG, attended the course and covered the topic about leadership principles and determined criteria of efficient leader in the  American Army.

Our officers also had an opportunity to meet the Hero of Ukraine Hrihorii Omel’chenko. The keynote of the speech was: “Everything in your life depends on you!”. The guest accentuated : “You will always have a choice, you are creators of modern history of Ukraine, remember it!”

According to the results of discussion, the following conclusion was made: a modern officer-leader is a responsible efficient leader, who is capable to manage the activities of the military unit, to lead subordinates and to ensure the fulfillment of tasks by own knowledge, experience, skills and abilities, and to continue work in order to improve his/her leadership.