The Center for Military and Strategic Studies

Colonel Pavlikovskyi Anatolii
Head of the Center PhD (Military Sciences), Associate Professor Colonel
Anatolii Pavlikovskyi

The Center for Military and Strategic Studies was established on April 30, 2008 on the basis of the National Scientific Research Center for Defence Technologies and Military Security of Ukraine, the Scientific and Methodical Center for Military Education of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and the Scientific Center of the National Defence Academy of Ukraine.

The main tasks of the Center for Military and Strategic Studies are:

  • scientific research on the problems of military policy and military strategy, development of information technologies and implementation of informatization projects, military economics, military education and science, military law;
  • participation in the development of draft legislative and other normative legal acts;
  • development of scientific works (military and theoretical works, monographs, manuals, scientific articles, reports);
  • preparation for the publication of the "Collection of scientific works of the Center for Military and Strategic Studies" and the collection of scientific works "Military education";
  • training of scientific staff;
  • holding scientific and practical conferences, seminars;
  • scientific support of the educational process at the University.

Currently, in the interests of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, the Center carries out:

  • development of methodical fundamentals of defense planning on the basis of capabilities and defenсe review in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Ukraine "On National Security of Ukraine", justification of the fundamental provisions of strategic documents in the security and defenсe sectors (Strategy of military security of Ukraine, Strategic defence bulletin of Ukraine), scientific support of their development;
  • justification of software and technical solutions for the creation of a unified defenсe resources management system, scientific and technical support of its implementation in the Ministry of Defenсe of Ukraine;
  • scientific and methodological support for the development of the principles and implementation of the reform of military education and science.