Research Centre of Military History

Colonel Serhii Seheda
Chief of the Research Center for Military History Doctor of Historical Sciences, Associate Professor Colonel
Serhii Seheda

The Research Center for Military History is intended for scientific researches:

  • development of the theory of military art, the nature of armed struggle, particularities of the use of forces in armed conflicts
  • events in the Crimea and the anti-terrorist operation in the East of Ukraine
  • history of the Ukrainian army and the formation and development of the Ukrainian national military idea


  • organization and conducting of scientific researches on military history of Ukraine, history of wars and military art
  • scientific support for the implementation of obtained results in the educational process of the University, as well as in practical activities of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the military management bodies, troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • counteraction to falsifications of military history of Ukraine; dissemination of scientific knowledge on the military history; advisory participation in drafting legislative and other legal acts