Education and Research Center for International Peacekeeping

ERCIP Commandant Colonel

Education and Research Center for International Peacekeeping (ERCIP) is the key training facility to prepare individuals and groups, national as well as international, for work in Peace Operations (POs) in the framework of UN, NATO/Partnership for Peace (PfP) and EU missions as future members of UN, EU, NATO military staff.





The primary mission of the ERCIP is to provide a multifaceted academic and practical training to Military, Police and Civilian multinational students, on POs related issues, in accordance with current international standards (UN-ΝΑΤΟ-EU).


ERCIP trains national/international peacekeeping personnel in accordance with Training and Educational Standards issued by Department for Peacekeeping Operations and by the requirements on Quality assurance stated in NATO´s Education and Training Directive Bi-SC 75-5.

ERCIP conducts scientific research on peacekeeping and anti-terrorist issues.

ERCIP enhances Armed Forces of Ukraine operational and interoperable capabilities drawing from international and national lessons learned.

ERCIP coordinates and cooperate with the international PfP Centers, conduct Train the Trainer activity and instructors exchange program.

ERCIP conducts PKO/PSO seminars, map exercises (MAPEXs), command post exercises (CPXs) and simulation exercises (SIMEXs).


  • Command;
  • Department of peacekeeping personnel training;
  • Educational Cell;
  • Lessons learned branch;
  • Information Technology & Technical Support Branch;
  • Administrative Cell.


Aviation Radio Communication Course for Aircrews of National Contingents



The purpose of the course is to prepare helicopter aircrew members with sufficient skills to enable them to communicate via radio with air traffic controllers in UN peacekeeping operations.

Multinational Staff Officers Course



The course provides basic training on NATO planning procedures for officers, who are planned to be engaged in NATO multinational headquarters and multinational exercises.

Peace Support Operations Logistics Course


Basic course for logistic officers training to prepare them for work in UN/NATO-led Peace Support Operations and multinational logistic exercises.

UN Military Observer Course



This six-week course runs twice a year with the aim to prepare selected Ukrainian, NATO, PfP and other nations’ personnel to work in international peacekeeping missions as UN military observers.

Military Observer Course for the Transnistria Region of the Republic of Moldova


The aim of the course is to prepare national personnel to take part in conflict consequences resolution within Joint Peacekeeping Forces in Transnistria, Republic of Moldova.

UN Staff and Liaison Officers Course


The five-week course (including two weeks of field training) runs once a year. The aim of the course is to prepare selected personnel to work in the international environment as Staff and Liaison Officers (Reference to NATO-Ukraine Individual Partnership Program: UKR.52.16).

UN/NATO Military Terminology Course


This course aims to enhance military language skills of officers of Armed Forces of Ukraine. It develops common understanding of NATO and UN terminology in order to enable its participants to attend NATO or UN-oriented courses.