Educational and Research Center of Strategic Communications in the Sphere of National Security and Defense

Lieutenant Colonel Olga Salnikova
Chief of the Center Doctor of Public Administration, Senior Researcher Lieutenant Colonel
Olga Salnikova

The Education and Research Centre for Strategic Communications in National Security and Defence is a structural unit of the Ivan Chernyakhovsky National Defence University of Ukraine.

The Centre is responsible for:

  • Training and professional development of military personnel and employees of the national security and defence sector in strategic communications;
  • Scientific and methodological support of strategic communications training of specialists in higher military educational institutions;
  • Assessing and analyzing the media and information trends;
  • Research of strategic communications system capabilities development and lessons learnt;
  • Cooperation with international research analytical institutions and organizations involved in strategic communications training and research.

The Centre consists of:

  • Centre Leadership;
  • Strategic Communications Training Section;
  • Research Section (for development of strategic communications).