Humanitarian Institute

The Humanitarian Institute is one of the main educational and scientific departments of the National Defense University of Ukraine named after Ivan Chernyakhovsky.

The Institute keeps traditions based by the Kiev Military Humanitarian Institute, which was created in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of August 19, 1992 No. 490.

Colonel Vasyl Os’odlo
Head of the Humanitarian Institute, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine, Colonel
Vasyl Os’odlo

The Humanitarian Institute, according to its purpose, trains military specialists of the operational-tactical level for the structures of moral and psychological support of the Armed Forces and other military formations of Ukraine, for personnel departments, lawyers and teachers of the high military education system with the graduation of "Master" level.

In addition, the scientific and pedagogical staff of the Humanitarian Institute take part in the training of specialists in operational-strategic, operational-tactical levels in all specialties of preparation at the university, in the system of retraining and advanced education training, that are provided for scientific and pedagogical staff - doctors of philosophy and doctors of sciences.

Colonel Serhii Talaur
Deputy Chief of the Humanitarian Institute, PhD in Military Sciences, Senior Researcher, Colonel
Serhii Talaur

The organization and support of educational activities at the institute are carried out by the comprehensive conducting of educational, methodological, scientific and technical, organizational, educational and other work by scientific and educational staff for fulfillment of an order and in accordance with the standards of higher education system for the training of military specialists.

The main tasks of the Humanitarian institute are:

Training of listeners according to their specialties, organization and scientific and methodical support of all kinds of educational activities, independent work and practical training. This task incudes diagnostics of educational and personnel development achievements of students as well as providing their certification and quality management;

scientific and methodological support for organization, conducting and managing the quality of the educational process; improvement of methodological skills of the leading staff, pedagogical and scientific staff of the institute; improvement of the methodology, forms and technologies of conducting all types of training sessions;

provide scientific research on actual problems of moral and psychological support, psychology and pedagogy, organization of legal support of troops (forces) in the interests of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and training of military specialists;

adherence to the structural units of the Institute of labor and military discipline, the fight against corruption, the promotion of integrity, the prevention of crimes and gross violations of military discipline;

formation of moral and psychological leadership qualities of listeners which are necessary for military service, readiness to perform tasks under any conditions;

improvement of material and technical capability and equipment.

Structurally, the Humanitarian institute consists of three departments, an educational part, two full-time courses and three correspondence courses.

The department of moral and psychological support of the activity of the troops (forces) carries out training of specialists in the specialty 254 "Support of troops (forces)", specialization "Organization of moral and psychological support of troops (forces)" and "Informational and propaganda support of troops (forces) and ideological work in troops ".

The Department of Social Sciences carries out the training of specialists in the specialty 254 "Support of troops (forces)", specialization "Organization of psychological support of the forces" and specialty 011 "Educational, pedagogical sciences", specialization "Pedagogy of the high military school".

The Department of Legal Support provides training for specialists in the specialty 254 "Support of troops (forces)", specializations: "Organization of legal support of troops (forces)" and "Law enforcement activities in the armed forces ".