Aviation Department

Colonel Volodymyr Herasymenko
Chief of the Department, PhD of Military Sciences, Colonel
Volodymyr Herasymenko
Colonel Serhii Korotin
Deputy Chief of the Department, PhD of Technical Sciences, Colonel
Serhii Korotin

The Department of Aviation is a structural unit of the Aviation and Air Defense Institute was founded on March 1, 2010. (Presidential Decree № 1217/2008 dated December 30, 2008; the Cabinet of Ministers’ Resolution № 39 dated January 28, 2009).

The main tasks of the Department of Aviation are:

  • to provide a Master’s degree program “Military management (by services)” (specialty 253) to specialists in mission (combat use) and command and control of aviation units;
  • to provide a Master’s degree program “Combat service support of troops (forces)” (specialty 254) to specialists in aviation engineer support management for the Ministry of Defense, the Armed Forces, the National Guard, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and other military formations of the state;
  • to conduct academic and R&D activities on solving the combat employment problems and maintenance support of air operations;
  • to develop and improve regulatory framework and training environment for educational purposes;
  • to conduct flight training in the air force units for aviation stuff as well as University academic staff, doctoral candidates and PhD students;
  • to ensure the cultural and spiritual personal development, upbringing of public spirit of personnel and respect for the Constitution of Ukraine.