Logistics Department of Air Force

Volodymyr Mirnenko
Head of the Department, Doctor of Engineering, Professor, Honored Worker of Education of Ukraine Volodymyr Mirnenko

The Logistics Department of Air Force is a structural unit of the Aviation and Air Defense Institute of the National Defense University of Ukraine named after Ivan Cherniakhovskiy, subordinate to the Head of the Aviation and Air Defense Instituteand is intended for the preparation of Masters of Operational-Tactical Levels and Doctors of Philosophy.

The structure of the department includes: the head of the department; scientific and pedagogical workers; educational laboratory.

The determined structure allows to conduct educational, methodological, scientific and scientific and technical activities.

The main tasks of the Logistics Department of Air Force are:

  • participation in the training of military specialists for obtein education degree "Master" of operational-tactical levels and PhD degree of training in specific specialties and specialties for the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations of the state;
  • participation in training of specialists at higher academic courses, advanced training courses and professional level;
  • carrying out scientific, scientific and technical activities;
  • creation (improvement) of legal and material-technical base for maintenance of educational activity;
  • ensuring the cultural and spiritual development of personality, upbringing of the personnel in the spirit of patriotism and respect for the Constitution of Ukraine.