The Chair of Operative Art

Major General Ostah Yurii
The head of the chair is Major General
Ostah Yurii
candidate of military science, associate professor

The Chair of Operative Art is the leading academic and research unit of the University. It is a structural subdivision of the Institute of the State Military Administration of Ivan Chernyakhovsky National Defence University of Ukrainian and is in charge of the Head of the Institute.

The chair takes part in the training of specialists of operational-strategic and operational-tactical level in all specialties and specializations, as well as in retraining and improvement in the qualification of the leadership of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and training for foreign specialists.

The chair consists of:

  • management of the chair;
  • scientific and pedagogical workers;
  • research laboratory (The problems of the usage of operational groups of troops and units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in operations);
  • training laboratory.

The Chair of Operative Art of the National Defense University of Ukrainian named after Ivan Chernyakhovsky was created on the basis of the Chair of Tactics and Operative Art of the Military Academy of Air Defense of the Land Forces. In 1992, an operational group was set up to form the Academy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which included chair members. They have developed curricula and thematic plans for the discipline "Operative Art". In October 1993, the first officials of the Department of Operative Art were appointed by the order of the Minister of Defense of Ukraine: Colonel AGAPOV – acting the head of the chair; Colonel GONCHARUK - Deputy Head of the Chair of Scientific Work.

Teaching staff: colonels AKSANOV, VOSKRESENSKIY, SLOBODETSKY, MOSOLOV, SHEVCHENKO; workers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - TARANENKO, TSVETNIKOV. On October 25, 1993, the first session of the chair was held, this day was established by the Order of the Head of the Academy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine as the "Day of the Chair".

The chair consists of 4 candidates of military sciences, associate professors, among them Major-General Ostah, Colonel Babenko, officers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine But and Mazurenko. The chair carries out training: - Officers of operational and strategic level of training in educational disciplines: "Operative art" "Fundamentals of Operative Art". - Officers of operational-tactical level on educational disciplines: "Operative art". Students of the Center for retraining and advanced training and officers of foreign countries in educational disciplines: "Operative art" "Operative art" - adjuncts of Ivan Chernyakhovsky National University of Defense in educational disciplines: "Operative art".

The chair is located on the territory of the military town at 28, Povitroflotsky avenue, Kiev, on the second floor of the first educational building.