The Troop Control Department

Colonel Pavlo Hrytsai
The head of the department is Colonel
Pavlo Hrytsai
Ph.D., Senior Researcher

The Troop Control Department is a structural unit of the Institute of State Military Management of the National Defense University of Ukraine named after Ivan Cherniakhovskyi, that conducts educational, methodical work, scientific and scientific and technical activity on training of student-officers of operational-strategic, operational-tactical levels of the basics of the theory of Command and Control (C2) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the theory and practice of C2 of troops (forces) during the preparation and conduct of operations (combat, warfare) in the armed conflicts and the local warfares taking into account the experience of participation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Anti-Terrorist Operation and the Joint Forces Operation.

The department consists of:

  • senior staff of the department;
  • scientific and pedagogical staff;
  • scientific-research laboratories (on the problems of improving the work of the military management bodies);
  • educational laboratories.

The department was established on the basis of the Command and Control and Headquarters management Department of the Academy of Air Defense of the Land Forces.

On April 27, 1994, Colonel Fakadei Roman was appointed to the post of the Chief of the Department. This day, April the 27th, is considered to be the Day of the Troop Control Department.

One of the first specialists who worked on the creation of the department, and then was appointed as a professor of the department is Honored Science Worker of the Russian SFSR and Ukraine, academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Informatics, doctor of military sciences, professor, retired colonel Borys Khabarov.

The department consists of 3 doctors of sciences, professors, among them are employees of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Lobanov A., Bryntsev V., Fakadey R., and 7 candidates of sciences, associate professors (senior researchers).

The department prepares specialists of the operational-strategic level in the field of knowledge - 28 Management and Administration, specialty 281 Public Management and Administration, specialization - State Military Management.

The department carries out training of the officers of operational-tactical level on the following educational disciplines:

  • The state management theory;
  • Command and Control of troops (forces) in operations;
  • Command and Control of troops (forces) and HQs Management;
  • Command and Control of troops (forces) and HQs Management of Navy.

The department carries out training of the students of the Development Training Center, officers of the foreign states; post-graduates of the National University of Defense named after Ivan Cherniakhovskyi on educational disciplines:

- Theoretical basis of the study of operations in the field of military management;

- Conceptual problems of the development of military management in modern military art.

The department is located on the territory of the military compound at 28, Povitroflotskyi avenue, Kiev, on the second floor of the first building.