Department of communication technologies and cyber protection

Colonel Oleksandr Zhuk
The department is headed by
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate ProfessorColonel
Oleksandr Zhuk

The Department of Communication Technologies and Cyber Defense trains operational-level specialists with a master's degree to obtain full higher education and the qualification "professional, operational-level military management officer" in the field of knowledge 25 "Military sciences, national security, state border security" with a qualification at the "master's" level for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, other military formations of the state in specialty 254 "Provision of troops (forces)" specialization: "Organization of communication and automated control systems".

The department takes part in conducting professional military education courses for officers of operational (L-3) and strategic levels (L-4), prepares students for retraining and advanced training courses on: planning and application of the communication system; creation of an effective system of operational (combat) control, communication, intelligence and surveillance (C4ISR); application of communication units of military units.

In addition, the department provides military cooperation with subjects of the defense sphere, public and volunteer organizations, IT companies on ensuring the security of cyberspace and joint protection of the state and critical infrastructure objects from cyber threats.

One of the tasks of the department is the training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of the highest category (Doctor of Science, Doctor of Philosophy) of the third (educational-scientific) level of higher education for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations and law enforcement agencies in the field of knowledge.

12 "Information technologies" in the specialty 122 "Computer sciences" and 126 "Information systems and technologies".

The staff of the department develops advanced communication tools, models and forecasts the actions of troops (forces) in operations and combat operations, and also develops methods of applying modern approaches to cyber protection of information from external attacks in cyberspace.