Institute of Troops (Forces) Support and Information Technologies

Alexander Matsko
The head of the institute,
a candidate of military sciences, a full professor,
a participant in combat operations, Colonel
Alexander Matsko

The institute is headed by Colonel Alexander Matsko, a candidate of military sciences, a full professor, a participant in combat operations.

The Institute of Operational Support and Logistics is a structural unit of National Defense University of Ukraine and has more than 80 years of history.

The Institute is intended for the training of specialists in operational-strategic, operational-tactical levels on the organization of operational, logistical, medical and financial support in peacetime and during the preparation and conduct of operations and combat actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, their joints and military units.

The institute organizes educational activities in the field of knowledge 25 Military sciences, national security, the security of the state border in the specialty 254 Provision of troops (forces), training of officers in qualifications "Professional in the field of defense, officer of the operational and tactical level", and "Professional in economics, officer of operational-tactical level"

The main tasks of the institute are:

  • training of specialists in operational-strategic and operational-tactical levels of training in the organization of operational, logistical, support in operations and combat actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine;
  • preparation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical staff of the highest category (doctor of sciences, candidate of sciences) for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations;
  • scientific, scientific and technical and innovative activities;
  • creation (improvement) of the normative-legal base, development of the educational and material base for the provision of educational activities;
  • educational and patriotic educational activities;
  • ensuring the cultural and spiritual development of the individual, educating the students in the spirit of patriotism and respect for the Constitution of Ukraine.

Institute of operational support and logistics structurally unites departments, all departments are graduated:

operational and combat support, technical support, logistics, economics and financial support:

Each department trains students in their specialties:

  • organization of engineering support of combat operations of forces (forces);
  • organization of radiation, chemical and biological protection of troops (forces);
  • organization of electronic warfare;
  • organization of rocket-technical and artillery-technical support of troops (forces);
  • organization of tank-technical and auto-technical support of troops (forces);
  • organization of metrological support of troops (forces);
  • organization of rear support for military units (by type and type of troops and forces;
  • economics and financial support of troops (forces).

A scientific research laboratory (problems of operational, technical and logistic support) has been set up to conducting scientific research in the field of activity of the Institute.

The research laboratory is the structural unit of the institute and conducts scientific research of actual problems related to the development of the basic provisions of the theory of operational, technical, logistics, medical and financial support.

The research laboratory is intended for planning, methodological management, organization, management and control of scientific and scientific and technical activities in order to provide the educational process of the students of the Institute.

The main tasks of the research laboratory are:

  • search of ways to solve the problem issues of operational, technical and logistic support for the preparation and use of troops (forces);
  • analysis of foreign and domestic scientific publications, studying the experience of foreign member countries (UN, EU, NATO, etc.) in the fields of operational, technical, logistics with the purpose of further realization of their experience, main approaches and procedures in the implementation of NATO standards educational process of the institute;
  • generalization and dissemination of best practices in providing troops in their preparation and application.

The Institute employs leading scientists in the military, doctors and candidates of sciences, professors and associate professors. Veterans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who have completed a real military service and continue to transfer their experience to younger generations of officers, work alongside young officers at the Institute. The operational tactical level of education received by the graduates of the institute covers a wide range of issues involving the overwhelming majority of military formations, preparation and conduct of operations, combat, combat action, their comprehensive provision and management.