Institute of Troops (Forces) Support and Information Technologies

Colonel Roman Vozniak
Head of the Institute of Logistics and Support of Troops (Forces), Doctor of Philosophy, Colonel
Roman Vozniak

Colonel Ihor Chernykh
Deputy Head of the Institute of Logistics and Support of Troops (Forces), Candidate of Military Sciences, Associate Professor, Colonel
Ihor Chernykh

The Institute of Logistics and Support of Troops (Forces) is a structural subdivision of the National Defense University of Ukraine and is designed to train specialists at the strategic and operational levels.

The Institute is an educational-methodical and scientific unit, which structurally consists of the Management, the Educational Part, the Research Department, courses for full-time and part-time students, six departments:

  • Department of Engineering Support;
  • Department of Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Protection and Civil Safety;
  • Department of Technical Support;
  • Department of Logistics Support;
  • Department of Geospatial Support and Application of Space Systems;
  • Department of Economics and Financial Support.

The departments and the research department employ experienced military scientists, doctors and doctors of philosophy, professors and associate professors.

The main tasks of the Institute are:

  • implementation of educational activities, which ensures that officers obtain the degree of higher education "master" in the field of knowledge "Military Sciences, National Security, State Border Security" in the specified specialty and specializations for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations of the state;
  • participation in the training of military specialists at the operational and strategic levels in other fields of knowledge;
  • participation in the training of specialists at advanced training courses and professional military education;
  • participation in the training of military specialists of foreign countries;
  • execution of state orders and agreements on the training of specialists with a complete higher education;
  • training of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel of the highest category (Doctor of Science, Doctor of Philosophy) for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations;
  • conducting scientific, scientific-technical and innovative activities;
  • creation (improvement) of the normative-legal and material-technical base to ensure educational activities;
  • implementation of NATO military decision-making standards and procedures (MDMP, OPP) into the educational process.

Specialty 254 "Provision of troops (forces)".


  1. Organization of rocket-technical and artillery-technical support.
  2. Organization of tank-technical and auto-technical support.
  3. Organization of metrological support of troops (forces).
  4. Organization of logistics support of military units (by services and branches of troops and forces).
  5. Organization of logistical support of troops (forces).
  6. Organization of engineering support for combat operations of troops (forces).
  7. Organization of radiation, chemical and biological protection of troops (forces).
  8. Economy and financial support of troops (forces).
  9. Organization of military space systems.
  10. Organization of topographical and navigation support of troops (forces).