The Intelligence Department

Colonel Valerii Dobzhanskyi
The acting head of the department is Colonel
Valerii Dobzhanskyi

The history of the department of intelligence begins in november 1993, when the formation of the main structural divisions of the Academy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine took place. It begins taking it from the department of intelligence of the former Against Air Defense Military Academy of the Land Forces named after Marshal of the Soviet Union Vasilevsky A.M.

Department of Intelligence is one of the main educational structural units of the command-staff institute of the use of forces of the National Defense University of Ukraine, named after Ivan Chernyakhovsky.

Department of Intelligence
Department of Intelligence

The Department conducts training for the students of the National Defense University of Ukraine, on the organization and conduct of military intelligence and radio-intelligence in operations and combat operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, analysis of the views of the leadership of the leading countries of the world and foreign military specialists on the development and construction of foreign armed forces and their application in modern military conflicts. Participates in the training and qualification improvement of civil servants of Ukraine, officers of military management bodies and military units and scientific and pedagogical staff of higher qualification (on the profile of the department). The department is also involved in the training of foreign military experts.

The Department experienced significant changes in the work in 2014, with the onset of Russian aggression on the territory of Ukraine. In the educational process, a radical rethink and review of the content of listeners training began, starting with a changing in the identified real enemy and changes in the procedures for defining tasks and planning of intelligence, which caused a radical rework of all teaching materials of the department.

Department of Intelligence

The experience of conducting intelligence in the CFO (ATO) each academic year is analyzed in the scientific works of the department and in seminars with students - participants CFO (ATO). Teachers are constantly engaged in re-training courses for groups of reconnaissance officers at operational-tactical and operational-strategic levels. Teachers of the department have a military experience in the operation of the CFO (ATO).

The staff size of the department provides the teaching of certain disciplines at a high methodological level. The scientific and pedagogical staff of the department are constantly working on improving their scientific and methodological level.