The training complex

старший лейтенант Чепурний Вадим Анатолійович
Chief of the training complex, Master of Sports in Military Sports All-Round Senior Lieutenant

The training complex is a structural subdivision of the institute, which ensures the high-quality functioning of the educational and material base of the institute, its maintenance in working condition and continuous improvement.

The educational and material base of the institute includes a sports complex: a sports games hall (futsal, handball), a gym, a table tennis hall; sports complex: sports hall (basketball, tennis, volleyball, badminton), gym, hand-to-hand combat; sports complex: hand-to-hand fighting hall, wrestling hall, gym, hall of sports and health technologies; Stadium: football and rugby field, obstacle course 100m (2 directions), outdoor gym, multifunctional gymnastic complex "Workout", platform for throwing cold weapons; shooting complex: shooting gallery 50 m, optical-electronic shooting gallery, methodical training class; water sports base: training class for diving specialists, water station with an outdoor pool, tower for landing on the water; chess Club.