Svitlana Efimchenko
The Head of the Library an Employee of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Svitlana Efimchenko

Library of National University of defence of Ukraine named after Ivan It is a major subdivision of the University, which carries out the provision of documentary information resources in educational and research processes in universities.

The task of library

development, creation, preservation and organization of the use of their own and world information resources that meet the educational and scientific processes at the University.

The library's history begins with 1914 the year of opening in Kiev on the territory of the military camp of the second Kiev Nikolaev military and artillery schools. For more than a centenary history of its existence, with the development and changes in the military establishment, has changed, and a library.


July 2018 year the library is headed by an employee of the armed forces of Ukraine EFIMCHENKO Svitlana Yuryevna.

At this time the Fund publications library is about 240 thousand copies of books and serviced over 12,000 users. Users of the library is a scientific-pedagogical and scientific workers, studies, ad'ûnkti, students of the day time and correspondence forms of training, University employees and others.


Structure of the library to the library comprises the following divisions:

Division of acquisition and electronic processing literature

Department store book funds and readers ' service  


The library has 4 passes and 1 reading room, the composition of topographical maps.

Service is carried out on:

checked the main Fund;

checked the educational foundation;

checked literature approved “DSC”;

checked out issue books Center military-strategic research;

and the reading Hall of the library.


All tickets to the library carried out high-quality library, informational and bibliographic service of all categories.


The library is equipped with universal, according to the profile of the University it is about 240 thousand copies. The composition of the library-information resources for departments:

Educational Foundation – 67 378 copies of books;

the main Fund – 142 337 copies of books;

Fund literature approved “DSC” – 27 748 copies of books;

the reading room – 2 000 books and 16 000 magazines.


In the holdings of the library are widely presented tutorials, manuals, training materials, monographs, reference books, proceedings of scientific conferences and workshops, reports on research work, theses of scientists of the University.

Important in ensuring belongs to the reference-bìblìografìčnomu library apparatus, including catalogues and kartotekam.

In the library system of traditional and electronic catalogues, including:

-        General alphabetical catalogue;

-        alphabetic catalogs on the funds of the library;

-        Central systematic catalogue;

-        systematic catalogue of the Foundation “DSC”;

-        electronic catalogue.


A large role in ensuring systematic play card articles (PCA) and other file cabinets: our theses of reports on research and development, Chair of the publications and other.

For the convenience of the users of the Works database “Electronic catalogue of books”, with more than 55 000 records of documents and “E-Fund documents”, containing more than 2 000 full-text publications.

For the operational use of information resources and their popularization of the library organizes:

constantly working exhibition;

thematic exhibitions on topical issues;

the exhibition of the Jubilee and memorable;

the exhibition on the order of teaching staff and during University events.


The library offers its users a wide range of services:

-        complex library-information services;

-        providing faktografìčnoï information;

-  information and bibliographic support needs of scientists in the performance of research works and research;

-  a themed selection of literature;

-  the opening of the subscription and delivery of documents on interlibrary loan (ILL);

-  indexing documents on universal employee decimal (UED);

-  learning the basics of library-bibliographic literacy.


The State Library has 15 workers.


Work library is aimed at:

-  achieving a high level library and bibliographic services;

-  further implementation of electronic technology;

-  increase user audience;

-  expanding the Repertoire of services to users;

-  search for new, modern forms of interaction with users.